When you're connected to a co-op, you
never farm alone.

For nearly a century, farmers and ranchers across rural America have joined together to purchase inputs, ensure dependable energy supplies, develop infrastructure to market what they grow and provide local expertise in areas like agronomy, grain marketing and risk management, thereby improving their own chances for success. Today’s cooperative system connects farmers to the larger world around them, while providing a measure of dependability, strength and stability close to home.

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Connections Make Us Stronger

Working with a cooperative can help you make more strategic decisions, connecting you with local expertise in areas like agronomy, grain marketing and energy services. 

You Never Farm Alone

Making all of your own decisions is part of the joy, and part of the challenge of farming. Partnering with the experts at your local co-op can help you farm with confidence.

Farm Families

Whether you're a first-generation farmer, or fifth, the thread that connects farm families is a commitment to hard work and genuine pride in what they have built.

Developing Future Cooperative Leaders

When you do business with your local co-op, you become an owner in the cooperative system. And as an owner, you share in the profits as well as the responsibility for guiding the organization. The CHS New Leaders Program helps younger farmers understand how the co-op system works, provides opportunities to learn about cooperative governance, and engage in ag advocacy.

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Federation Cooperative leverages billboards, other tools

For years, Federation Cooperative has relied on roadside billboards as an important part of its advertising program. Recently the co-op took advantage of a free billboard design available at co-opstory.com to refresh its outdoor advertising at two locations near Black River Falls, Wis.

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Missouri co-op uses free tools to tell important story

Consumers Oil Company of Maryville, Mo., has been growing since 1928, yet it feels its cooperative value story is slowly being lost due to the transition of family farms from one generation to the next.

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River Valley Cooperative uses tools to share values

The communications team for River Valley Cooperative, Eldridge, Iowa, is always looking for new ways to connect with customers about its products and services.

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Giving Voice to Farmers and Ranchers

The government affairs team at CHS represents farmers and cooperatives to the executive and legislative branches of both state and federal government, to independent government agencies and to non-government organizations. Our job is to make sure that wherever decisions are being made that affect the land, the people who farm it and the communities that support them, their voices are being heard. 

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